Transport Sofia Airport to Câmpia Turzii Romania - Taxi Transfer

Arriving by plane at Sofia Airport and need a transfer to Câmpia Turzii Romania?

Take advantage of our service - transport from Sofia Airport to Câmpia Turzii Romania. On the day and time of arrival, our driver will meet you at the airport, assist you with your luggage and drive you comfortably and safely to your address in Câmpia Turzii Romania. Whether you are traveling alone or with several people, we will organize your trip with a new, convenient and comfortable car.



  • A flexible way to see more

  • Sightseeing options

  • Comfortable and reliable travel

  • Without stress

  • High quality service

  • Easy online transfer booking

  • Door to door transfers

Transport by Car - Max 4 хpeople| 3 х kufar
Transport by Minivan - Max 6 хpeople| 2 х kufar or 4 хpeople| 5 х kufar
Transport by Van - Max 8 хpeople| 6 х kufar
Transport by Minivan - Max 16 хpeople| 6 х kufar


Transfers from Sofia Airport to Câmpia Turzii Romania are made with different categories of vehicles - including cars, minivans, bigger vans and minibuses.

If you need several vehicles, we will organize your transport for you!

Trust our experience and professionalism in the sphere of airport taxi transfers.

Our fleet of cars at our disposal is extremely diverse. We can transfer from Sofia Airport to Câmpia Turzii Romania by car, minivan, minibus or van. This depends on the number of passengers and the amount of luggage you have with you.

The passenger cars with which we carry out taxi transfers are suitable for 2-3 passengers to make your journey comfortable, but even if you are 4 passengers, we will provide you with a suitable car for your journey. Our minivans are suitable for a maximum of 6 passengers with little luggage or a maximum of 4 passengers with more luggage. Our minibuses are suitable for 8 passengers with normal luggage and our vans are suitable for a larger number of travelers with more luggage.

Our drivers are English-speaking and have many years of experience behind the wheel, and our vehicles are in extremely good technical condition. They are air-conditioned, well-maintained, comfortable for long-haul travel, and insured at every seat.

Car 4+1

Car 4+1

Minivan 6+1

Minivan 6+1

Van 8+1

Van 8+1

Minibus 16+1

Minibus 16+1

Need to transport a sick person? Or do you want to visit your friends in Câmpia Turzii Romania? Or maybe you want to visit an event in Câmpia Turzii Romania?

Whether you need to travel during the day or at night, regardless of which neighborhood and address (airport, bus station, train station) you need to depart from, we can arrange your transportation from Sofia Airport to Câmpia Turzii Romania.

When booking a transfer from Sofia Airport to Câmpia Turzii Romania, it is extremely important that you specify the volume of your luggage to ensure that we provide the most suitable vehicle for your journey!

Take advantage of our great rates for taxi transfers from Airport Sofia Airport to Câmpia Turzii Romania and anywhere in the country!



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