From Stara Zagora to Plovdiv Transportation

From Stara Zagora to Plovdiv Transportation

Welcome! This is our website and we are TrueRentCar - a transport company that offers transfers. In the following lines you will find out exactly what these transfers are and what to do to travel this way.

You have opened this article so you are wondering how to get from Stara Zagora to Plovdiv. Let us offer you an alternative to buses and trains, namely the transfers mentioned above.

Transfer as a service guarantees you fast, safe and comfortable movement between several points. In this case, you have to travel between the cities of Stara Zagora and Plovdiv. TrueRentCar will make sure that you will take the distance between the two settlements in the most convenient way.

You can make your own reservation extremely easy (or for a whole group of people) by calling the specified phones on the page (you can also write an email). Once booked you will be taken within the agreed hour and day from your address, and then you will be taken to the specified address in Plovdiv.

The distance between the two cities is bout 100 km and mainly includes traffic along the Trakia / A1 motorway. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car.

Your private trip will be so good that you will want to travel with TrueRentCar every time from now on. No matter if you are going on vacation or work, the company can take care of any type of transport commitment and guarantee correctness.

On the TripAdvisor page you will find reviews left by people who have chosen to try our transfers.

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